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Pondless Waterfall

Are you looking for the sight and sounds of a peaceful waterfall but do not have the space or budget for a large pond? Are you worried about the safety of your child or pet?  The pondless waterfall is your solution.  Pondless waterfalls are one of the hottest trends in the landscape industry! Our customers love the fact that there is so little maintenance, none of the liabilities of open water, and no ecological need to run the system continuously. Plus the size does not matter. Pondless waterfalls can fit in virtually any space.

The pondless waterfall is simply a waterfall that disappears into a bed of river rock.  At the end of the stream, the water falls into the catch basin at the bottom, where the water seeps through the rocks, purifies and heads into the pump.  From there, the water is circulated back up to the top of the waterfall.

  • Safety (no standing water)

  • Virtually maintenance free

  • Can fit in any size yard

  • Energy efficient

  • Activated by the flip of a switch

  • Ideal for those who travel

Dependable Services, Inc. can create and construct a pondless waterfall for a fraction of the cost of a full pond.  Just as with our pond systems, your pondless waterfall is customized to suit your desired space and construction scheme and come complete with demo, boulders, industrial liner, complete system and lights for around the clock enjoyment. Tell us about your pondless ideas and get a free estimate and consultation.



Ponds - Streams - Waterfalls

Popular as well as very elegant in appearance, ponds are the perfect soothing ambience you are going for in your outdoor living space.  

Ponds can be incorporated into any landscape to enhance your outdoor environment. Our designs compliment natural & formal settings, using the most up-to-date pond systems. Aquatic garden plantings help create a stunning oasis for yearlong enjoyment. Garden accents, aquatic fish & lighting add to the serenity of the design. A complete pond with a waterfall and stream truly transforms your space into a lifelong landscape that you and your family will enjoy.

Streams link the waterfall to the pond and add a soothing sound and visual to your outdoor living space.  Water gently falling over rocks is as naturally beautiful to look at, as it is relaxing to hear.  Besides aesthetics, a stream offers multiple functions.  The most beneficial being an added natural filtration system.  As water flows over the boulders it is oxygenated which leads to a cleaner, healthier and environmentally true water feature. The shallow flowing stream is a place for birds to bath and sunlight to shimmer.

Whenever possible, we recommend a stream. Our experienced pond consultants can help you create a beautiful stream to compliment your water feature.  

Constructing a waterfall landscape can create a very personal and dramatic effect to any home while completely changing the appearance of your outdoor living space

Further benefits include:

  • Falls contribute motion and sound of splashing water to your outdoor living space.

  • Falls, regardless of size, add extraordinary and mysterious depth to a landscape.

  • A force of flowing water will help minimize external and unwanted noises.

  • Water is a part of nature and will harmonize with practically any house or backyard.

  • During the hot, Midwest Summer months, the falls are a welcoming oasis.

Tell us about your water feature project and get a free estimate and consultation. A hardscape professional from Dependable Services Inc., will meet with you personally to identify the unique features and specific challenges of your project and provide a free estimate for our services.


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